Visiting Pilots

Strictly Prior Permission Required (PPR)

Please call one of the following numbers before setting out:

  • John Gardiner
  • Mob: 07793 799 676
  • Tel: 01566 781 319
  • Bill Andrews
  • 01566 781 332
  • Ian Callaghan
  • 07450 271613
  • Tony Fisher (Paramotors)
  • 07753 857 800

Arrival Information

  • Call up on the Microlight channel 129.830 as you approach the field.  
  • If there is no response, land at your discretion
  • Notice:
    • The wind turbine on the airfield is a ‘Down Wind Turbine’, which spins
      • Rotating Clockwise – You are Up Wind
      • Anti Clockwise – You are Down Wind

Circuit Information

  • To ensure separation from any Paramotor flying which takes place on the field, make sure that you observe the following circuit patterns
      •       12   Right hand circuit and 30 Left hand circuit 
      •       24  Left hand circuit   and  06 Right hand circuit 
      •       02  Right hand circuit and 20 Left hand circuit 
  • Do not overfly the area clearly marked ‘Paramotors landing and taking off.
  • Parts of the runways and perimeter tracks marked in red are strictly no go areas owing to deep potholes and very rough ground etc.

Visiting Pilots:  There is a landing fee payable to Davidstow Flying Club of £5.00.  This also entitles the visiting pilot to one days temporary membership of the Davidstow Flying club.  As PPR is essential, it is possible for pilots wishing to visit to be emailed a temporary membership form which can be filled out and returned before departing for Davidstow.   Alternatively a visiting pilot can fill out a form on arrival.

Aim to land on or just after the numbers which are clearly marked on all six runways.  Please note runway 24 is displaced by approximately 100 meters.  On landing taxi down 02 and turn left on the perimeter track and stay on the left near the grass.  Take the first exit to the right marked by a boulder on your left and follow round to the Aircraft Parking area.  

The Clubhouse is clearly marked with a letter C on a yellow background.

Pooley's Information