Fixed Wing

What is a fixed wing Microlight?

Answer:      A light aeroplane that has fixed wings, as in the photos.  

The blue plane just landing is a Thruster with a tricycle undercarriage.

The yellow one is a Thruster tail dragger.

Slightly trickier to fly, but fantastic fun.

There are many reasons why you might choose to fly a fixed wing Microlight.

Here are a few.

One of the easiest ways to get into flying and without a doubt, one of the cheapest ways.  If you want to get your licence without breaking your wallet, this could be the answer.

Less expensive to buy and maintain if you want to go down that route.  You can do most of your own maintenance yourself.

Fun.  There are lots of small airfields that you can fly into which you can’t in a larger plane.

Thruster Tricycle

You can fly around the airfield or fly around the world (if you are mad enough).

The modern Microlight is extremely reliable.  Landing fees in a Microlight are cheaper than a large aeroplane. 

Less medical restrictions.  Nowadays you can issue yourself with a medical self-declaration of fitness to fly and when it comes to learning to fly you take less exams.

If you are young and thinking of taking up flying, you can get your licence at just 17 years old and go flying solo.

Why are Microlighters always in the air?  Because they can afford it!

All good reasons for coming up to Davidstow having an introductory flight.  See our page ‘Introductory Flight

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with a bit of training this could be you . . . . . .