Paramotoring Training

We deliver a high-quality flight training, providing guys centred tailored service to all students

Who can fly –

  • Any person over 16 years of age, physically fit
  • Be able to run 50 metres
  • And want to fly
  • Complete Beginner  to Solo Pilot
  • Conversion from PG to PPG

All courses include use of the school’s equipment and online material, which includes detailed syllabus, revision links and the final exam.

One-year full membership of Davidstow Flying Club.

For further information please contact Oscar Haynes on:

  • 07786 433 120

Have you just completed a course aboard and still not sure on your next flight in the UK!!!   We have club members who are happy to mentor you on your next couple of flights, so you are happy to go back to your field and ‘just fly’. 

We are NOT instructors, but have many hours experience.  We are happy to watch and help decide what day is flyable or not, equipment checks or just being there.

The only things required are:

  • Must be a member of Davidstow Flying Club
  • Have Paramotoring Insurance.
  • Have your own motor and wing.
  • And a want to fly.